mindful eating

    “Mindful eating is the practice of paying full attention to every aspect of the eating experience— food choice, meal environment, and even the physical sensations before, during, and after a meal. It draws on principles from mindfulness practice, which seeks to engage all of the senses to deepen the experience of the present moment. With time, mindful eating can help us observe our physical and emotional responses to food without judgment and enhance our understanding of how food affects our health.”

    Zoë Atlas, MPH, RDN, How Mindful Eating Can Improve Metabolic Health

    why to say no

    “The ultimate productivity hack is saying no.

    Not doing something will always be faster than doing it”

    James Clear, The Ultimate Productivity Hack Is Saying No


    “There’s no simple solution, but there are several practices that enable us to be more attuned to our emotions and to be more deliberate about our subsequent choices. A cheesy acronym I like–the only one I use in my practice–is getting MESSy:

    Mindfulness: The goal of mindfulness here isn’t stress reduction, but simply being more effective at noticing what we’re feeling. • Exercise: Regular physical activity attunes us to the physiological manifestations of emotion and allows us to sense an emotional response sooner. • Sleep: Ample research shows that when we' re not well-rested our ability to sense and regulate emotion is impaired. • (Reducing Chronic) Stress: Chronic, low-level stress diminishes our ability to regulate emotion, and there are often stressors we can minimize with some modest changes in our daily routines.”

    edbatista, Emotional Speed Bumps

    digital minimalism

    “Digital Minimalism

    A philosophy of technology use in which you focus your online time on a small number of carefully selected and optimized activities that strongly support things you value, and then happily miss out on everything else.”


    “a philosophy that prioritizes long-term meaning over short-term satisfaction.”

    Cal Newport, Digital Minimalism