“There’s no simple solution, but there are several practices that enable us to be more attuned to our emotions and to be more deliberate about our subsequent choices. A cheesy acronym I like–the only one I use in my practice–is getting MESSy:

Mindfulness: The goal of mindfulness here isn’t stress reduction, but simply being more effective at noticing what we’re feeling. • Exercise: Regular physical activity attunes us to the physiological manifestations of emotion and allows us to sense an emotional response sooner. • Sleep: Ample research shows that when we' re not well-rested our ability to sense and regulate emotion is impaired. • (Reducing Chronic) Stress: Chronic, low-level stress diminishes our ability to regulate emotion, and there are often stressors we can minimize with some modest changes in our daily routines.”

edbatista, Emotional Speed Bumps