risk management

“What are my top risks? How can I mitigate them?” James Clear, 3-2-1: Eliminating Tasks, Optimizing for Your Interests, and Sharing Knowledge

outsider test

“outsider test: Imagine someone else stepped into your shoes—what do you expect they would do in your situation?” Julia Galef, The Scout Mindset

questions to assess personal leadership opennness

“How often do I hear points of view that differ from my own? How direct and candid are people when they disagree with me? How do I respond to them when that happens? How would the people who disagree with me characterize these interactions? When did someone last disagree with me in …

evaluating threat modeling diagrams

“Can we tell a story without changing the diagram? Can we tell that story without using words such as “sometimes” or “also”? Can we look at the diagram and see exactly where the software will make a security decision? Does the diagram show all the trust boundaries, such as where different …

done list

“keep a “done list,” which starts empty first thing in the morning, and which you then gradually fill with whatever you accomplish through the day.” Oliver Burkeman, Four Thousand Weeks