link purchases with good experiences

I had saved money for a new favorite chair but waited until I had published my first book to get it. That way, the chair reminds me of something that was an important accomplishment for me. We can apply the same thing to that special sweater or that pair of nice woolen socks. Save for them—but wait …

outsider test

“outsider test: Imagine someone else stepped into your shoes—what do you expect they would do in your situation?” Julia Galef, The Scout Mindset

favor the long-term

“If you’re ever uncertain what to do, search for the approach that maximizes your impact at the company over the next three years rather than the next three months, and do that.”, Balancing Your CEO, Peers, and Engineering

communicate clear takeaways

" Before you start writing, consider, “What’s the one thing I want my reader to take away?” or, “What’s the one thing I want them to do next?” Try to be precise (without overwhelming them with details) and include a clear call to action. “Please leave feedback by 4 pm Friday” is better than, …

why to say no

“The ultimate productivity hack is saying no. Not doing something will always be faster than doing it” James Clear, The Ultimate Productivity Hack Is Saying No